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Dear Business Manager,

We would welcome any opportunity to assist you to access this Australian - Vietnamese high demand market by this helpful ethnic Viet’s Business Lifestyle (VBL) Monthly,  member of Ethnic Media Australia - Australia wide.

Community Relations Commission - NSW Government ( ),

VBL providing a good marketing solutions with media advertising through the effective use of the Vietnamese language for those businesses who would benefit from targeting the Vietnamese business and consumer market in Australia.

In-depth editorials that emanate from Vietnam, Australia and the world in general.  These are categorised by two main sections which are - Business and Lifestyle.  These sections are thereafter divided into a variety of categories such as: news; economy; business; culture; soco; family; women; children; education; lifestyle; art; entertainment; stories; features; etc.

VBL is circulated widely throughout 1,800 Asian newsstands nationally, reaching an estimated 120,000 Australians who are Vietnamese readers.  It is also distributed as free reading material at many convenient / comfortable places like local council libraries, office receptions, hair & beauty salons,  travel agencies, takeaways, coffee shops...

Moreover, the VBL offers a monthly free soft-version/online enables readers easy access to the publication by utilising a variety of electronic devices i.e.  PCs, Laptops, iPads, Smart phones etc., at anytime, anywhere ...

This online soft-version has already achieved the highest level of Vietnamese language readership of the publication in Australia, Vietnam and numerous other countries and presents your advertisements to Australian, Vietnamese and global markets and ensures continuing awareness of and the widest exposure to your products and services to Australian residents and non-resident readers.

Please take a minute to overview throughout this media kit, and the VBL’s softcopy/online at:

Thank you for your time and consideration of our publication and services for your marketing plan. We look forward to be the media partner to cooperating in the near future with your endeavours business. If there is anything further please feel free to contact us anytime at your convenience.

Best wishes & regards,
Viet’s Business Lifestyle Monthly



Created to carter to the demands and interested of today's growing Vietnamese Business Community in Australia and their family Viet's Business Lifestyle and its online publishes regular section on: BUSINESS - CONSUMER - CULTURAL - FAMILY - EDUCATION - SCIENCE - LIFESTYLE - WOMEN - SPORT - ENTERTAINMENT ...

Each section provides advertisers with excellent unique opportunity to be an editorial environment which compliments their products. Each edition cover features a cover story which provides up to date info on business, events, market trends, pricing, product use and development and variety interested lifestyle articles.



Circulation: 18,500 copies per edition, pass on 6-8 per copy

Print readership: 120,000 in Australia, national wide

Online readership: 420,000 including Australia + elsewhere


Sydney 40%

Melbourne 38%

Brisbane 10%

Adelaide 5%

Pert 3%

Canberra 2%

Darwin 0.5%

Metro Rurals 1.5%



Household 49%

Business people 37%

Other 14% 






 Retails 28% 

Subscriptions 31% 

Office Receiptions 41%







15-19 = 0%

20-29 = 37%

30-39 = 43%

40-49 = 13%

50 +   = 7%




A1 = 72%

A2 = 6%

B1 = 16%

B2 = 55% 

CDE = 0% 


This demographic created by telephone interview to 1000 Vietnamese (from phone book) in each Australian major capital cities and their surrounding subs



Viet’s Business Lifestyle Monthly - The only Vietnamese publication in Australia offers its “Softcopy online” to all Vietnamese Internet users in Australia as well as in Overseas countries and Vietnam. This will ensure continuing awareness of your products and services to resident and non-resident readers, and giving your advertisements widest exposure to the market in Australia & Global. The ultimate goal is minimal cost dollars for maximum effect in advertising, and hence your and our success.

Direct access to Vietnamese Business Community and Households in Australia. 85% of “Vietnamese Businesses” in Australia subscribe to Viet’s Business Lifestyle Monthly, 120,000 Vietnamese-Australian readers on print + 420,000 in its associated, with 79% being in top socio-economic ranking and high disposable income. The readers fit into Social Groups involving in either business-to-business or direct response purchases.

Editorials and articles giving in-depth coverage of news features, political commentaries, business analyses, lifestyle stories and features, information data-bases, business and commercial events etc., constitute the main focus of the magazine & its website - guaranteeing repeated exposure for your advertisements.  

Distributed widely throughout 1800 “Asian newsstands” nationally. 72% of production goes to monthly subscriptions which include offices and professional service receptions.  

Viet’s Business Lifestyle Monthly is available as free reading material at office receptions, local council’s libraries, travel agencies, hair and beauty saloons, coffee shops, takeaways, and on all the passengers’ seats in the Airport delivery/pick up bus services for the Vietnamese community.

Viet’s Business Lifestyle Monthly management team guarantees quality and professionalism, with research, design, translation and database services is second to none in Vietnamese publications in Australia.

Viet’s Business Lifestyle Monthly & its Softcopy online, the only choice for Australian-Vietnamese community with reader interested in Business Lifestyle and its ultimate choice in advertising.


Double Centre Spread

Bleed: 380 x 270 mm

Type : 350 x 250 mm  


Full Page

Bleed: 190 x 270

Type : 170 x 250 


Half Page

Bleed: 190 x 135

Type : 170 x 125


Quarter Page

Type : 080 x 125



Categories Loading +10%

Inside Back 1st, 2nd, 3rd  +10%

Colour's +15%

Inside Front 1st, 2nd, 3rd +15%

Outside Back Cover +25%

Double Centre Spread x 1.8

Gate fold / wrap around x 3.5



1-2 Insertions - non     

3-5 Insertions   -5%

6-8 Insertions -10%

9-11 Insertions -15%

12 Insertions - 20%



Translation over 500 words: To Be Advised

Specific artwork / materials: To Be Advised

Advertorial (free): Condition apply



Trim size W190 - H270 mm 

Type size W170 - H245 mm

Material :Softcopy PDF file

Delivery: [email protected]

Deadlines: Booking 1 week before publication -  Materialn 3 days before publication

Content: in English and/or Vietnamese

Viet’s Business Lifestyle Monthly


 Tel.: (02) 9788  7364 

Mob/SMS.: 0430 00 69 65














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